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I Feel Empowered As a Woman and Single Mother Working in Sales

I can tell you that, as a female, it’s never a good idea to not be proactive about securing a well-paying job for yourself simply because you’re married and you rely on your husband’s job instead. When mine told me that he was divorcing me, I had to think quickly about income, so I moved quickly to attend classes on consultative selling. My husband had worked as a sales consultant for years, and his job always sounded interesting to me. I wondered if I had what it takes to do the same work, and it turns out that I do.

It’s not like I didn’t want to work after I married my husband. We married, and I suddenly found that I was pregnant with our sweet little boy just weeks after we married. I did take on a part-time job for the next 8 months so that we could both bring money in to help with the upcoming childcare costs. However, our son has special needs, and that meant extra hours seeing specialists, doctors and other people who could help make life easier for him. It took up a lot of my time, but I enjoyed the time I spent doing that for my son, and my husband was happy that I was doing it.

When I learned that I was soon to be a divorced mom, I knew that I couldn’t stop getting my son the help that he needs. I also knew that I would need to work as well. This presented a conundrum at first, and I was a bit nervous while thinking about what options there are out there in the work world. I had listened to my husband’s work stories for many years, and I knew that he had never talked about anything that seemed like something I couldn’t handle. After the training that I took on my own, I interviewed for a position at a company that is in direct competition to my ex-husband’s company! I now make even more money than he does!… Read More..

Never Go Cheap on a Battery

My wife’s mobility scooter needed a new battery after her old one stopped working. I had to get a new one for her, but before buying it, my wife told me that buying scooter batteries is just like buying other batteries. No matter how much a cheap battery may seem like a good deal, I should stay away from them and go with something that is a little more high quality. When I looked online for the battery, I heeded the words she gave me. If I bought a battery that turned out bad, it would spell disaster for my wife, and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

I looked at a lot of websites to find a good one that would sell batteries for a scooter. Normally if I needed to buy a battery of any kind, I would just buy it in person, but that’s not exactly possible right now given everything that has been happening in the world. I would rather just get the battery online and not take the chance of going into a store that might not be as clean as other places, or might not have people who are obeying social distancing and mask rules.

After about an hour of searching, I found just the right website for my scooter battery needs. I ordered one that was the perfect fit for my wife’s scooter and it arrived pretty quickly. Since my wife’s scooter was working again, we wanted to go out for a little fresh air, so we decided to go to the park for a bit. We put our masks on and just walked around. In my wife’s case, it was driving around. Even though the temperature had gotten pretty high that day, it still felt good to get out of the house.… Read More..

The Importance of Video Production in Online Ads

Video production is an industry that is needed like never before. Why might you ask? The industry for video production is booming not only for commercials, but also for youtube. Youtubers and bloggers need video production like never before. Most high profile youtubers rely on video production in order to convey a message to their viewer that is clear and precise. Corporate video production in Singapore, United States and China are just a few of the countries where such an industry is growing. Whereas before video production was limited only to television now just about anyone on the internet can get a professional video production team at an affordable price.

A good video production team not only makes your vision come to life, but can also enhance and improve your vision. Giving your product a new dimension and pulling in new customers. Any business would see a lucrative income from employing a production team to create creativity adds which can be marketed on instagram, facebook, youtube and you name it.

The advertising industry is changing, it’s evolving. I find that hiring a video production team for ads on youtube and other sites which hosts videos saves me a lot of time and effort. Quite honestly, I’m not a very productive person myself. I’m a bit of logical kind of guy, creativity doesn’t come natural to me, having a video production team work with me and brainstorm ideas that I liked for the company really made my life and my business a whole lot easier.

All in all, with the way the net is you never even have to meet your team in person. You can request a video of the ad you want or have them brainstorm ideas for you, then get it emailed to you. Working with and having a profession video has never been as easier as it is today.… Read More..

The World of Sports Betting

Betting sites on sport is a fun to which more and more fans of football, tennis, basketball, hockey, but also many other disciplines do not want to give up. Thanks to the online betting sites it is in fact now possible to bet on a myriad of events and make bets that once were impossible to make. You play almost anything, from the winner of a match to the exact scores, from the fact that there will be expulsions or not in a match to who will score the first goal or the first point of a match. Let’s not talk about the novelty introduced by the bookmakers who work on the web: the live episodes. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to close a bet at meetings already in progress, making the whole thing even more exciting and opening new roads to both novices and experts. The more familiar you are with this world, the greater the chances of making a game a source of income. With betting online, if you follow the right strategies and do not make risky moves, it is not impossible to set aside a nice nest egg. In this blog I will try to explain how to approach sports bets, giving some suggestions and also publishing news on the world of sport that can be useful. The universe of betting is infinite and care must be taken not to get lost inside it. Clear mind, knowledge of the rules of the discipline on which you want to place part of your budget, study of the odds and the various operators are the basis of success. Some necessary qualities are innate, but fortunately it is possible to obtain good results even applying oneself with perseverance and dedication and doing a lot of practice. I hope that you will follow my posts and that you share the name of this blog with your friends and acquaintances.… Read More..

I Finally Have Control over My Own Life

I was in a rut. This was something I discovered much later after taking up residence in the rut. By the time I recognized it, I knew that it was just too much for me to escape on my own. I am the type of person who needs guidance every now and again so I don’t wallow in my own circumstances. I figured the best thing I could do was find a reputable counsellor in Windsor to help me get my life back on track. I did not know how to do that on my own, so I started looking at the qualified people in the area.

I was so happy when I was able to find one rather quickly. I looked at her website, and I just felt so comfortable from that alone. I really liked that she was there for her clients whether they needed help on a single issue, a few issues, or their entire lives. I am the latter, by the way! I knew that the rut I was in was pulling me even further into it, and I wanted to get all the help I could get in jumping out of it.… Read More..