6 Facts About Services Everyone Thinks Are True


6 Facts About Services Everyone Thinks Are True

How VW Transporter Vans Became as it is Today?

Among the renowned and reputable automobile manufacturers across the globe is VW. There are so many VW models that have amassed public attention in all parts of the globe. On the other hand, among the best selling vehicles they have designed and produced are their vans. As a matter of fact, it was in the early 50’s when VW van was first introduced and since then, VW keep recreating and updating their VW Transporter Vans lineup.

As you keep on reading, you will be able to uncover the different models of these camper vans.

Actually, the VW bus Samba has big influence with how the transporter vans were designed. What’s interesting to know is that, the Panel van made by VW as well has influenced the Samba’s design. In fact, the large VW logo that is located at the front of the camper van is one of its distinctions, which makes anyone to recognize it quickly.

The very first camper van model can be recognized as well by its headlights. Furthermore, the first generation has an engine borrowed from the Beetle which is cooled with thousand cubic cm of air cooled.

Almost 20 years after they have presented the first model, they made an update to their transporter van that is packed with lots of new features and functionalities. The newer version of the van had a larger engine, 12 volts electrics and a lot more features that made driving more convenient. As a matter of fact, this van was such a success that VW keep producing and manufacturing the van until the 80s.

Then comes the 3rd gen of the VW van which was introduced in the early 80s. This new generation of the van was considerably bigger in space compared to its predecessors. VW transporter vans had this powerful engine when compared to the earlier versions and lots of new features at the same time.

Once again, VW modifies the third gen of the van in the early 90’s and then introduced the 4th gen to the masses. Now when compared to the earlier generations, anyone can easily notice that there are considerable differences. A very big improvement that was noticed by the market was its huge cargo space, thanks to its flat back.

Then the 5th generation VW transporter van came in 2003 and that model is still in production. The inauguration of 5th gen VW transporter vans were among the most spectacular and remarkable ceremonies in the automotive industry that more than 70 thousand people attended the event to witness the new car.

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