News For This Month: Therapy


News For This Month: Therapy

Why You Should Go Through Marriage Counseling

Married couples need to seek the help of a marriage counselor when they begin to sense that something is going wrong in their marriage. If you have young children living with you, then this gives you more reason to seek marriage counseling to resolve your issues since they will definitely be affected greatly if the worst things happens to your marriage which is divorce. If you wait and wait until the time comes when you have drifted so far apart from each other, you will no longer want to have anything to do with each other and so break your marriage which could have been prevented, had you done something earlier on.

If only couples are willing to try marriage counseling out, then there is still hope for their marriage. In marriage counseling, you are able to develop certain important skills that will help you in your relationship with your spouse. Here are some things that you should know that will benefit your marriage relationship.

Marriage is a commitment to the other person and this will be reinforced in your marriage counseling. Many people have a self-centered view of marriage; they go into it just to serve themselves. It is your spouse role to give you satisfaction. You spouse has to be nice to you. You have many demands from your spouse. And when your spouse fails to give you what you want, then you get angry and you argue about what the other should be doing that you are not getting. Both of you feel the same about each other and this is why you are both discontent and unhappy. Your relationship will definitely break down if you continue to just keep on looking at the other’s failures. True commitment gives to the other no matter what the other gives in return. If both learns the meaning of true commitment, then there will be something new to the relationship which can help it for the better. And this is something you learn in marriage counseling.

In marriage counseling, you are also encouraged to develop your communication between each other. Marital problems are usually caused by failure to communicate properly with each other. If communication between spouses are broken, then there will also be a breakdown in the marriage soon enough. When communication becomes simply going through one argument after another, then it is one formula for disaster. In marriage counseling sessions, you are away from your children and from all other distractions and you can now have time alone to yourselves to recover back the intimacy that you have already lost. Facing the future would be more encouraging if you marriage counseling sessions bear fruits of intimacy. You can have more secure children in the process.

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