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The Food You Eat and the Role it Plays in Your Physical Health

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We are made up of what we eat. They are part of us. They forge and unforge us. They affect and define our ways, traits, and welfare.

General wellbeing is the metric used to measure the impact of what we eat on our bodies. If generally, the food we consume negatively impacts our body, our wellbeing is said to be affected and would be needing repairs. Otherwise, we would be said to be in good shape with good body welfare.

Several factors inform what we eat and the role they play. Among them are nutritional benefits about the anatomy of our body. For instance, if your body is lacking in vitamins, more vitamins would be recommended for consumption. But having more vitamins in food is often seen as unbalanced. Unbalanced diets can be suggested for people suffering nutritional deficiencies. A balanced diet is one that contains all the major nutrients and is most advisable for consumption.

Checking through the opinions of foodies on ReviewsBird.com, the following are some of the roles the food we eat plays in our physical health.

·       Prevention against heart diseases

It is possible to reduce heart diseases to a minimum. You don’t just consume, locate food and drinks companies, without consequences. If more vegetables, fruits, and grains are consumed, there would be less blood pressure. Also, limiting high-carb foods and drinks that contain added sugar could do the heart magic. This way, your heart is prevented from diseases that have been the leading cause of death among adults in the US.

·       Prevention against cancer

Another role the food we eat plays in our physical bodies is the reduction of cancer risks. Foods that contain antioxidants such as carrots, nuts, seeds, berries, and pumpkins can reduce the risks of contracting cancer. Besides, low-carb diets have been proven to reduce obesity. Obesity is responsible for increasing cancer risk. Practicing low-carb diets (ketogenic diets) alongside regular exercises can prove to be the magic wand against cancer.

·       Mood and memory improvement

Diets such as cakes, bread, and soft drinks can lead to increased fatigue and depression, thereby affecting your mood and memory. But there are alternatives in fruits and vegetables which contain low glycemic load responsible for mood swings. Also, fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins that are beneficial for cognitive improvement and in the prevention of dementia.

·       Improved general wellbeing

Eating the right food will keep your bones and teeth strong. It also helps to manage diabetes and other nutritional deficiencies. Weight loss has been recommended especially to keep the body active towards the health of the next generation. Another role a good diet plays is in the improvement of sleep patterns. Sleep disorders are a result of obesity, alcohol, and unbalanced diets.


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