Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think


Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Diseases To Cure Using Stem Cell Research

There are high concerns on the rising cases of chronic problems that have no known cure all over the world. However, great step has been made in use of stem cell research and this provides with hope to curing these conditions. Cells destroyed within the body can be regenerated and in such way reduce instances of the health conditions.

Prevalence of diabetes is high all over the world. Diabetes is known to develop from the body’s failure to produce adequate insulin that regulates blood sugar. Stem cell research aims at enhancing the body to develop pancreatic cells that are responsible for insulin production hence a cure for the condition.

Heart problems are on the rise and the problem is attributed to blocking or clogging of blood vessels in the heart among other many causes. This results from among others breakdown of heart muscles. Stem cell provides hope in the regeneration of the damaged muscles hence effective pumping of the blood.

Back pain is a common health problem suffered by a majority. Leading causes to this condition include injuries and inactivity of the body. Use of stem cells comes as hope for some of these causes and reduces them significantly with hope to attain complete healing.

Osteoporosis arthritis in known to affect individual’s joint hence pain and difficulty in movement. Wearing out of the cartilage is the known cause for this problem among the majority. The cartilage in this regard can be regenerated using stem cell research and thus cure for arthritis.

Spinal code on of the essential body parts may suffer injuries and lifelong health implications. This a condition has the potential to develop to paralysis. Using stem cell development is an ideal way to reverse the situation and help faster healing.

Those in advanced age have a high chance of developing the Alzheimer’s condition. This condition is attributed to death of brain cells responsible for among others the cognitive abilities of a person. Cure for this condition can only be achieved through stem cells that allow room to develop new brain cells.

Dopaminergic cells also in the brain can die leading to Parkinson’s disease developing. Mobility functions of the body among others are regulated by these cells hence death means inability. Cure for this condition can only be promised through effective application of stem cells technology to regenerate the cells.

When chronic conditions strike, effects vary between individuals depending on numerous factors. There is also a variance in the treatment options that provide reliable relief. It means that the cure for the chronic conditions offered through stem cell research may not be adequate to cater for the condition at hand. In the event of ill health, it is important therefore to ensure a suitable option is sought to cater for the condition effectively and view here for more.